IVE in 2004

IVE in 2004

A quick history...

Beginning in 2002, the Isthmus Vocal Ensemble has asked the question, "Is it possible to bring together the best musicians in southern Wisconsin for two and one half weeks of intensive rehearsals for a single weekend of magical performances. We're seventeen years and counting, and between glowing press reviews, enthusiastic audience response, and our own general satisfaction, we'd say "yes." We've likened ourselves to desert flowers that bloom quickly but once a year and then go dormant to await the next summer's rain. Initially drawing heavily from former UW Concert Choir members, we've now added vocalists from our nearby counties to as far away as San Francisco and New York City. 

Initially numbering around 35, we've grown to an average of about 65, though we doubled that for our 2016 Brahms Requiem concert. Any and all are encouraged to audition. We're always looking for solid musicians to add to our group. 

Under the leadership of our Founding Artistic Director, Scott MacPherson, we have developed a taste and a passion for broad and varied concerts, often based on a theme dear to Scott's heart. We have tried to show the many colors and moods of the entire choral repertoire. 

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